About Us


At the heart of Musicmakers lie four core values which underpin all our activities: integrity, commitment, passion and service.

We are a small agency by design.  We know our artists’ strengths and weaknesses (how could we market them otherwise?), we believe in them and we support them unconditionally.  We take pride and pleasure in maintaining the personal touch at all stages of their careers

We have over 30 years experience in the arts world in performance and artists’ management – in opera, concerts, recordings and musicals.  Therefore, we have an unrivalled knowledge of repertoire and productions, opera houses and concert halls, promoters and producers.  And our business is worldwide.

Musicmakers has a reputation for recognising and nurturing young artists, which has led to several entrants and one winner in the Cardiff Singer of the World Competition.

Our young artists feel safe in the support they receive, our established artists appreciate clear-sighted career development, and promoters are confident in dealing with an agency they can trust.

And in all aspects of our work our service is friendly, efficient and informed.