How to apply

Please note that Musicmakers will close permanently for business on 31st July 2016 and that therefore we are no longer receiving applications for representations.

Owner Chris Knowles is retiring to concentrate on singing teaching, language coaching and writing.

We receive applications every day from singers who do not send the right materials at the right time.  These notes are designed to make the application process clear and easy, so that time and effort are not wasted and so that decisions can be made efficiently – to everyone’s benefit and advantage.

 Please note that phoning the agency in advance will not help or speed up your application or increase your chances of success.

 An application must include the following:

  1. An up-to-date biography in English clearly showing past and future engagements.
  2. One or more up-to-date colour photographs.
  3. One or more up-to-date recordings.  Links to YouTube are acceptable. If you offer any other means of downloading recordings, please make sure they work and that the buffering is up to speed.
  4. A covering email explaining why you are particularly interested in being represented by Musicmakers. 

In this context “up-to-date” means no older than 6 months.

Please be aware that we do not accept invitations or offer auditions without hearing a recording first.

If you are following up the fact that you know that we have seen you in performance, the above still applies.

Potential pitfalls

  1. Please do not allow someone else to make an approach or apply on your behalf, unless it is an existing agent seeking representation in other territories.  It sends out the wrong message.
  2. If you are already represented, you must tell us and explain why you are seeking a change.
  3. If you are not serious about the possibility of being represented by Musicmakers, please don’t apply!
  4. We no longer represent artists whose main area of interest is music theatre.
  5. If you are currently on permanent contract with an opera company and intend to remain on contract, it is highly unlikely that we can help you.  In general, we do not deal with Fest contracts.
  6. Please be aware that we offer representation on the basis of general (i.e. exclusive) signed contract.

If we are interested in you, we may invite you to audition (we do not hold general auditions – they are by invitation only) or (more rarely) we may accept an invitation to see you in performance.

Our decision on representation is final.  If we are not able to help you, you should not expect detailed feedback or further discussion.