The Audition Experience – The “College” Audition 2014

The “College” Audition

For young singers the entrance audition can often be a bewildering prospect, a step into the unknown.  Our aim is to support, guide and prepare:

1.You will have the opportunity to experience how it feels to audition to a professional panel of complete strangers.

2.You will find answers to the following questions and more…

  • Do your pieces work together?
  • Does your choice of repertoire show your voice to best advantage?
  • Do you know how to interact with an accompanist that you have never met before?
  • Have you thought about how what you wear can influence the panel’s perception of you as a singer?
  • Have you thought about those all-important first few minutes?

3. We will cover repertoire, presentation and interaction with the accompanist. Chris Knowles will look at the choice of repertoire, languages and performance; Mo Sharpe will concentrate on appearance, dress, movement and interaction with the panel; and Nick Bosworth will examine how to get the best out of the accompanist on the day, how to communicate verbally and musically under pressure, and what to do if things go wrong.

4.We see this as the first stage of a two-part process which allows you time to absorb what you have learnt and come back to fine-tune your performance.  Register for both sessions at the same time and you will be eligible for a substantial discount (see below).

Date: Session 1:

Date: Session 2:October 1st 2014

Time: Session 1: 1pm to 4pm or 5pm to 8pm (individual times to be confirmed)                

Time: Session 2: 1pm to 4pm or 5pm to 8pm (individual times to be confirmed)                

Venue: West Road (Faculty of Music) Cambridge

The Session Structure

Introduction: the first minute of an audition (how you dress/present yourself, walk in, greet the panel, speak to the accompanist).

Practical session: each singer presents a selection of their chosen audition repertoire.

Final session: feedback from the panel.


£99 + VAT per session (or £150 + VAT for both)

Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve your place, payment in full is required at registration. Payment is non-refundable.